Photo provided by Infinite Love for Kids

Photo provided by Infinite Love for Kids

Photo provided by Infinite Love for Kids

From left: childhood cancer survivor Natalie Grace, singer/songwriter Taylor Tote and childhood cancer advocate (and awesome big sister) Hannah Rose, summer 2016.

How We Met:  A Story By Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer



In the summer of 2015, while looking for a band to perform at their next fundraiser, Andrea was introduced to the music of local singing sensation singer/songwriter Taylor Tote.  Upon listening to the very first song on her website Andrea knew that she just had to have Taylor and her band for their event! 
After their initial meeting, Taylor, her mom Tara and Andrea all knew that their paths had crossed for a reason.  The three ladies spoke for hours and naturally at one point Natalie and Hannah quickly whisked Taylor away to show her all of their most precious possessions.  In that very moment, seeing how Taylor was interacting with her girls, Andrea knew that a very special bond was quickly being formed. 
Prior to the Gorsegner’s September event, Taylor began babysitting Hannah and Natalie and that’s when the true love kicked in.  One day when Andrea had come home, Hannah excitedly said, “Mommy, do you want to hear the song that me, Taylor and Natalie are writing?”  Taylor quickly jumped in to say, “I’m coming up with the melody of course, but a lot of the lyrics are from the girls.”  Andrea wasn’t expecting much, but as the three of them began to sing she was completely floored and told the girls that if they practiced the song enough, she would let them sing it with Taylor at their fundraiser.  A month later the girls performed their original song at the event, and not only did everyone LOVE the song, but they couldn’t believe that it wasn’t something that was already playing on the radio.  Their reaction gave us the idea to have the song recorded with the hopes of selling THOUSANDS of copies with all funds raised to benefit childhood cancer research. 
Fast forward exactly one year and the girls, along with Taylor's full band, had “Fighter” professionally recorded and mastered on July 2, 2016 at Lakehouse Recording Studios in Asbury Park, NJ.  Also, singing the chorus on the track are five other childhood cancer survivors (plus another super sibling like Hannah).  There wasn’t a dry eye in the sound booth that afternoon as all of the parents peered into the studio as their own little survivors sang, “I’m a Fighter, I’m a Fighter.”
About a month and a half later it was time to film the music video for “Fighter” in collaboration with Right Stuff Studios.  The video stars childhood cancer survivors, fighters AND the Middletown, NJ Fire Department.  We don’t want to give anything away, so with that click here to watch the video then be sure to download “Fighter” via iTunes immediately after!    
All in all the best part about this whole, beautiful project has been the collaboration between everyone from start to finish.  From the three girls writing the song, to the adults producing both the song’s recording and the filming of the video.  This is a single project created and nurtured through a lot of love, respect and determination to make a difference in the childhood cancer community. 
Help us to continue to make this difference by sharing both the song and video with your own friends, family and coworkers.  THANK YOU! 

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