Established in 2015, the Taylor Tote Music Scholarship is a performing arts scholarship designed for Monmouth Regional High School students who wish to pursue further studies in the fields of vocal, instrumental, dancing, acting or musical theatre.  To apply, students must answer a series of questions in essay format. They will be asked to submit an audition video displaying their skill. They will need at least two letters of recommendations from at least a program that they are currently enrolled in and from a MRHS school official. The goal is to keep this a yearly scholarship and eventually expand to other schools in the state of New Jersey.


Mayor Gerald Turning of Tinton Falls: 2014 - 2017

"As the Mayor of the Borough of Tinton Falls, I was very pleased to hear how Taylor Tote was pursuing her dream of singing while at the same time supporting Monmouth Regional High School students pursue their own. She selflessly donates her time to give back to the community whenever she can. I have had the pleasure of hearing Taylor perform at a previous Tinton Falls Community Day, donating her time to entertain the residents of Tinton Falls. What is the most impressive quality I observed was her musical talent... she is truly special. I encourage everyone to keep watching, for we certainly have a rising star unfolding right in front of us."

Mayor Dennis J. Connelly of Eatontown: 2015 - Current


"Taylor is a talented musician. Her shows are energetic. Her range is diverse. She is both singer-songwriter and rock 'n roll diva. She has the ability to connect with the audience and leave you wanting to hear more. What I like most about Taylor is that she hasn't forgotten her roots. As a graduate of Monmouth Regional High School, Taylor is connected to our community. She takes the opportunity to give back to those who have supported her. I have had the pleasure to work with Taylor during our 2013 and 2014 Eatontown Community Day special events. During these concerts, Taylor donated her time and musical talents. Her electrifying stage presence took our community by storm. Her music was enjoyed by residents of all ages. Taylor also makes time to give back to those less fortunate in our community. Her work with Prevention First, Light Of Day, and Holiday Express are all examples of her generosity in action. Taylor's talents cannot be denied. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the country learns what we know in Monmouth County to be true: that Taylor Tote is a talented young woman who is destined for great things."


2018: Connor DiBella 



"I'm so excited to announce that the fourth annual Taylor Tote Music Scholarship goes to Connor DiBella" - Taylor Tote

2017: Jude Duane

"I'm so honored to award the third Taylor Tote Music Scholarship to Jude Duane! I started the Taylor Tote Music Scholarship in 2015 for MRHS seniors who want to pursue a career in the arts. A panel of seasoned professionals and I go through each submission and it's never easy choosing just one. But it was undeniable to see just how outstanding Jude was. Everyone speaks so highly of him and there was nothing but complete joy on the faces of the MRHS staff when they found out he was the recipient. Jude is a high honor roll student who dreams of composing music in documentary films and/or television. He plays piano, trombone, and he can sing! Music has been his entire life and explains it as something that helps him communicate comfortably. Music heals and in his own words says something that I fully, 100% connect with, "Music helped me feel like a person deserving of respect and friendship. It means everything to me." Not only is he hard working, passionate, and dedicated, he is a high-functioning autistic student. He strives to work hard and doesn't let anything get in his way, he makes no excuses. He is absolutely inspiring. I'm so happy to have met someone like him and I can't wait to see where is incredible future takes him. What a bright light he is in the world." - Taylor Tote

2016: Noel Tyminski

"I'm so excited to announce that the second annual Taylor Tote Music Scholarship goes to Noel Tyminski! Noel has the heart, passion, and talent to succeed in where ever her music takes her. She has a gift that can make an impact on many people, including on those in the industry. Work hard and keep pushing, Noel! Congratulations!" - Taylor Tote

2015: Angelina Calderon

"Congratulations to Angelina Calderon for being the first ever recipient of the Taylor Tote Music Scholarship! I was so excited to present this award to such an influential person last night at Monmouth Regional. Angelina plays 8 different instruments and is going to Monmouth University in the fall to become a music teacher. She has a crystal clear path on what she wants to do and I know that she'll be very successful in the near future. She has the power to change our world and to change it through the power of music. Her essay was the first one I read and I knew right away that she was something special." - Taylor Tote


1.     Please answer a series of questions.  Be specific, detailed, and elaborate.


a.     What type of performing art do you perform?

b.     What inspired you to take on your form of performing art and how long have you been doing it?

c.     Why do you want to pursue this?

d.     What are your future goals within your art?

e.     What would it mean to you if you got this scholarship and how would it help you?

f.     Is there something you would like to mention that I didn’t ask? (OPTIONAL QUESTION)


2.     Please submit a video of you performing.  This video DOES NOT have to be professional.      


a.     Why did you choose to show me this piece?


3.     Please submit two (2) letters of recommendation. 


a.    One from a MRHS teacher

b.    One from your teacher/coach regarding your art


Music is something I take very seriously, it is not a game for me, it is my future.  Musicians, artists and entertainers skilled in the performing arts have always been very much needed to serve as an escape for many of our hectic lives.  Music heals.... it is a musical escape for all ages. I think what most people don’t realize is that future artists and entertainers need to attend school as well, which may, very likely, burn a hole right through their pockets.  It is not necessarily that they need to attend college, although encouraged, but they need training, specialized training. Excelling in performing arts is something that is extremely expensive to do and when I was in high school, there were no scholarships being offered to performing arts students.  I want to help someone who has the same passion as I do, even if it’s just a little bit.” - Taylor Tote - 2013 Monmouth Regional High School Alumni

2019: Emily  Lucas



"I'm so excited to announce that the fifth annual Taylor Tote Music Scholarship goes to Emily Lucas  - Taylor Tote

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